Our research work can be roughly categorized into the following five areas:

  • Functional Programming : It cannot be emphasized enough that both Tyng-Ruey and Shin-Cheng are functional programmers, though they differs in their native languages (ML for one but Haskell for the other).
  • XML and Web Technologies: XML and related standards (err, W3C recommendations) are our daily working languages! We are very good in using open-sourced software tools building integreated Web-based systems.
  • Open Geospatial Information: Be them topographic maps or socioeconomic maps, GML or SVG, we have done them all! Now we are into collaborative geospatial mapping.
  • Semiotics and Information Science: We are interested in reasoning of inter-relationship interpretation between humans, informatin, and machines through the lense of sign theory.
  • Semantic Web and Linked Open Data: The semantics and linked relations of the linked data is powerful and effective. We feel extra motivated to explore the possibility of linked data and semantic web, both in theoretical and practical dimensions.
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