r4r:Article: An object is presented mainly as textual form but not exclusively. It is not limited for representing research publications only, and may be presented in a variety of article formats such as: blog articles, encyclopedia articles (a primary division of encyclopedia content; Wikipedia entry pages), Usenet or web forum articles, even non-textual based resources like spoken articles (articles produced in the forms of video clips and audio recordings such as Vlogs/Video blogs, podcasts and audiobooks) are such cases.

r4r:Article: 主要以文字形式表現的物件,但也不完全僅限於此。雖然主要概念是表現研究的文章類型,但也包括其他類型如部落格文章、百科全書式的文章或像是維基百科的條目內容、Usenet 或是網頁文章。甚至包括非文字形式的文章如有聲文章、或有聲書如 Vlogs/Video blogs, podcasts 或是audiobooks等。

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For more deep semantic modeling and interpretation, we suggest the following vocabularies:

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