r4r:isPackagedWith: is used for relating RRObject and RRPolicy for accomplishing a particular component, RRPolicy. This relation is served for the reusing context.

r4r:isPackagedWith: 用來描述RRObject與RRPolicy的關聯性。它所描述的是資源可被再次使用的狀態。

   URI: http://guava.iis.sinica.edu.tw/r4r/isPackagedWith


  • A RRobject may have different RRPolicy for being packaged with. It depends on the context of the RRObject being reused. For instance, the daT(S010384) is to be reused by an education website for high school students, the basic Dublin Core and the Biological Taxonomy Vocabulary for its domain knowledge's interpretation may support this reusing.
  • However, the daT(S010384) may be reused by science communities that require more domain knowledge interpretation and encoding for metadata/provenance such as medicine vocabularies or biological/biomedical ontologies; or by cultural heritage communities that require icon vocabularies for more image interpretations. The different metadata/provenance of the RRPolicy will be packaged with the RRobject of the daT(S010384) based on the reusing party's needs. Similarly, the different requirement of releasing the license in different stages or for different reusing contexts, the different licenses will be used depends on different contexts.
  • see the Contextual Framework for an overview.
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