r4r:isCitedBy: Any resource (A) is referenced by any other resource (B) when the publication time of A is before B. isCitedBy is used to describe this relation.

When it is used as the basic relation description for resource publication, isCitedBy can be used to describe relations between article, data, or code of RRObject.

When it is used for reusing context, isCitedBy relates any resource that reuses RRObject for citation, and the reusing context is enriched by the packaging of RRPolicy.

r4r:isCitedBy: 任合資源(A)被其它資源(B)引用,此關聯描述只有當A的發佈時間早於B的發佈時間時成立。

在資源發佈的狀態下,r4r:isCitedBy 可用來描述 RRObject下的article, data, 或是 code 的引用關聯。

在資源可被再次使用的狀態下,r4r:isCitedBy 可用來描述 RRObject與外部資源的引用關聯,同時藉由資源可被再次使用的狀態下的RRPolicy的套件關聯,增加了引用關聯物件間的再次使用相關機制的資訊。

   URI: http://guava.iis.sinica.edu.tw/r4r/isCitedBy

For more deep semantic modeling and interpretation, we suggest the following vocabularies:

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