r4r:isPartOf: describes partial relationships with temporal and spatial constraints, and carries with it some characteristics such as being transitive. A isPartOf B only if A and B share the same time and location. Data can be part of data; code can be part of code or data; data like keywords or sentences can also be described as part of the Article; metadata can be part of provenance as long as two objects carry partial and transitive relations.

r4r:isPartOf: 描述了時間和空間的局部關係與特性,如可遞移性: A是B的一部分,只有當A和B在相同的時間和空間條件下能成立。Data可以是Data的一部分;code可以是code或data的一部分;如關鍵字或句子也可以被描述為文章的一部分。只有metadata與provenance具有局部關係與可遞移性時,metadata 才能被描述為provenance的一部分。

   URI: http://guava.iis.sinica.edu.tw/r4r/isPartOf

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