r4r:License: The authorization of the use and reuse of the referred resource, as well as the document recording that authorization.

r4r:License: 授權其所指稱的資源使用與再次使用,以及描述該授權的文件。

 URI: http://guava.iis.sinica.edu.tw/r4r/License


For linked data to be published and reused easily, some license standards are suggested:

  1. the Creative Commons (CC) licenses are for creative works;
  2. Open Database License (ODbL) from Open Data Commons / Open Data Commons Attribution License are for databases and datasets.
  3. The GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL)and Open Source Licenses are for software source code.


  • the Open Data Certificateprovides DIY functions for individuals to release their own certificate based on their own requirements.

In specific,

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