r4r:locateAt: is used to relate a machine-readable representation of the RRObject's identification, such as DOI, URI, URL, etc. It is used as the basic relation description for resource publication and reusing. A complete R4R resource representation (RRObject isPackagedWith RRPolicy) shares the same property, r4r:locateAt with RRObject.

r4r:locateAt: 用於指出RRObject機器可讀的鑑別,如DOI,URI,URL等的機器可讀表示的鑑別資源。r4r:locateAt是描述資源發佈與再次使用的基本關聯。由於RRObject的r4r:locateAt的關聯描述,一個完整的R4R資源表示(RRObject isPackagedWith RRPolicy)因而共享相同的資源鑑別。

   URI: http://guava.iis.sinica.edu.tw/r4r/locateAt

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